Frequently asked questions

Can you guarantee that I will profit from cooperating with Are you responsible to the client?

This aspect is always delicate. You should keep in mind that all the signals are given to you as recommendations only and therefore cannot 100% guarantee any profits. Trading is a complicated activity relying on multiple aspects. Nobody can guarantee that the client will follow all the instructions and recommendations strictly when using the Service. That is why we are not responsible to the client by any means. Still, we have devoted a lot of time, money and effort to create the Service. Therefore, we value our reputation and status which means we are interested in providing only high-quality services and are ready to support inexperienced customers if they are having a hard time using our signals.

How to renew the subscription?

In order to renew the subscription, just wait till it expires and purchase a new one. For you convenience, the top right corner contains a message saying when the subscription expires.

How to cancel the subscription?

Wait till the subscription expires. It will be canceled automatically if you don’t want to buy a new one. However, it cannot be canceled before it expires.