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Here you can get 4 weeks of trading signals FOR FREE provided that you have opened an account with one of the recommended broker and deposit funds.


1. Prior to signing up, please make sure you have deleted all the cache and cookies in your browser. Also make sure that this is the first time you are opening an account with the chosen broker.

2. Choose a broker at the top of the page by clicking the corresponding icon and following our affiliate link.

3. A new window will open. Sign up by filling out the broker’s registration form. Please make sure you have provided correct and authentic data.

4. Deposit funds. The minimal deposit will be enough.

5. Go back to this page and fill out the form above so that we can verify your registration and deposit.

Instantly after verifying the data, we will activate your full-fledged monthly subscription. You will be notified by e-mail.

Any user who logged in and purchased one of the offered subscription plans is eligible for the full access to the trading signals delivered by MAXISIGNALS.COM until the subscription expires.

The signals are delivered to the SIGNALS page of the website instantly after they have been generated. When another signal is delivered, it comes with a sound notification turned on by default provided that the SIGNALS page is open in your browser. You can turn it off and on at any time you want.

Please keep in mind that MAXISIGNALS.COM is not responsible for any results of your trading or other activities based on using the provided trading signals.