What is the format of your signals? How to use them?

The signals are published automatically and displayed in the SIGNALS area. From your convenience, there is a sound notification option which can be turned off/on for either a specific signal or signals in general.


1) NZDUSD - 2) 2015-03-17 14:26 - 3)0.73588 - 4)put - 5)2015-03-17 15:00

1. Asset

2. Open Price (the exact time the signal was generated at)

3. Open Price

4. Option Type

5. Expiration Time

This means that you should open NZDUSD and purchase a put option with expiration at 15:00. Active signals are highlighted green. You can set the time zone and the type of signals (binary options or Forex) in Service Settings

Please beware of the following facts:

- Some binary signals are generated too close to expiration (under 5 minutes). If you have failed to enter a trade, you can either choose the next available expiration date or ignore the signal.

- Sometimes it happens so that the price of the underlying asset may go far away from the entry price while you open the trading platform, look for the asset and set up a trade. This move may be both negative and positive for you. If the price is close to the Open Price stated in the signal, you can still enter a trade. If it is far away for the Open Price in the unfavorable direction, you are recommended to abstain from trading. You can enter such a trade anyway. Still, you should keep in mind that this is a poor decision. Anyway, you trade at your own risk at all times. We are not responsible for the results of your trading.